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Global Star Capital is Your Gateway to Project Funding

Company History

Global Star Capital is a subsidiary of Global Star Talent Inc., an "S" Corporation with corporate filings in the state of Florida (U.S.A.).

Founded in 1991 under a sole proprietorship, the parent company name Global Star Talent Inc. (not a talent agency) was derived and incorporated in 2003.

Global Star Talent Inc. owns and operates Global Star Capital, which is a high end professional intermediary/consulting service.

Global Star Capital has been highly instrumental in assisting clients with their quest for obtaining project funding. In over 125 countries and the entire United States, principals with commercial and intellectual property projects have sought the services of our company and it's founder, Rich Cocovich.  

Mr. Cocovich has bridged the gap between projects and funding sources through our facilitators for decades, and our services are in extremely high demand.  Our clients deal directly with Mr. Cocovich after full screening. In addition, Mr. Cocovich is the administrator of his family's own investment trust.   

In the private funding arena, Global Star Capital and Rich Cocovich are unmatched. The investment capital available is extremely private and cannot be engaged without our intermediary and consulting services.

Private sources of funding through their facilitators turn to Global Star Capital for solvent projects that match their investment interests and instruments. These entities rely on Mr. Cocovich for presentation of solvent, superior quality projects. We utilize the same protocols when servicing clients who qualify for our own funding.  Please read our entire web site and follow the OUR PROCESS section fully to gain the proper attention that has eluded your project to this point.

Dun and Bradstreet Rated DUNS: 147151315 from our parent company down to subsidiaries.

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