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Fee Structure


If I am offered full services by Mr. Cocovich which includes a mandatory face to face meeting, what are the non-negotiable engagement fee requirements and when are they due?

Mr. Cocovich requires compensation for his time based on standard intermediary professional fee structure. The intermediary/consulting engagement fee is due after receiving our legal agreement and before his travel plus accommodations are arranged. You will receive our legal agreement immediately after your conference call with Mr. Cocovich if he offers services. Do not let the engagement and intermediary/consulting fee deter you. This meeting will be the cornerstone to achieving your goal and every client since 1991 has followed through with this protocol--it is not up for negotiation. This is NOT an upfront fee as your project will be analyzed, you will speak to two levels of executives inside Global Star Capital and preparation time will be administered on your project well before the face to face meeting

The following applies if Mr. Cocovich offers full services which includes the required face to face protocol meeting step and his travels to view your project. The full intermediary/consulting engagement fee is due before his travel is arranged and includes all travel expenses plus accommodations. Possible alternate meeting locations may be offered or required. All prices in the engagement fee table below are listed in US Dollars.

Your Location Meeting Locations
Engagement Fee
Alaska or Hawaii Your location, or possibly Honolulu Hawaii, Anchorage Alaska
Continental United States of America Your location, or possibly Carmel, CA, Hilton Head, SC
Africa Cape Town South Africa, Johannesburg South Africa, Pretoria South Africa, Rome Italy, Paris France
Asia, Russia or Japan Your location or possibly Hong Kong China, Singapore, Tokyo Japan
Australia, New Zealand or Papua New Guinea Your Location or possibly Sydney Australia, Brisbane Australia, Melbourne Australia, Cairns Australia, Perth Australia, Auckland New Zealand
Canada Your location or possibly Vancouver Canada, Calgary Canada, Edmonton Canada, Toronto Canada, Montréal Canada, Ottawa Canada
Europe, Scandinavia or England Your location or possibly Zurich Switzerland, London England, Edinburg Scotland, Rome Italy, Stockholm Sweden, Prague Czech Republic, Dublin Ireland, Dubrovnik Croatia, Paris France, Athens Greece, Istanbul Turkey
India, Pakistan, Afghanistan Zurich Switzerland, London England, Istanbul Turkey, Rome Italy,  Paris France, no exceptions

Tel Aviv Israel, Zurich Switzerland, London England, Rome Italy, Paris France, no exceptions 

Mauritius, Seychelles, Maldives Your location
Mexico, Belize, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, - Nicaragua, Northern Caribbean or Bermuda Your location or Nassau The Bahamas, Cabo San Lucas Mexico
Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates Zurich Switzerland, Rome Italy, Paris France, Dubai U.A.E
South America Your location or possibly Buenas Aires Argentina, Rio de Janeiro Brazil, Aruba, Panama
Southern Caribbean Aruba, Grenada and Trinidad/Tobago.
South Pacific

Your location or possibly Bora Bora, Tahiti

Turkey or Greece

Istanbul Turkey, Athens Greece, Zurich Switzerland, London England, Rome Italy, Paris France, exceptions


What does it cost me to submit a project for review and do you charge "up front fees "?

We work for free reviewing your documentation plus qualifying you and your project.  We do not charge up front fees. Please make sure that you are 100% educated on the definition of "up front fees" because that terminology when used erroneously immediately paints the picture of a novice project principal. We have an information piece in our BLOG section of the web site to assist you. In our protocol, reviewing your project documents and speaking with you via phone is free and should be considered a privilege.  You will need to explain why your project is worthy of funding, whether an equity position partner or debt structure is needed, Global Star Capital is a long - time established company and represents project principal clients who can afford professional services.  Please do not waste any time trying to administer philosophies about professional standard fees or how our business should be run. Unless you can outshine our services and have a founder plus staff who have been instrumental forces in the project funding industry since 1991, we are the service you need. Obviusly any such philosophies you may have opposite to our protocol have not worked to the point of reading this information, so now it is time to be properly represented. 

Why is it mandatory that I read the web site in full before speaking with Mr. Cocovich?

The answer is simple. You are looking for funding and must adhere to protocols and systems, or achieving the recognition needed on your project will not happen. Our mandatory, proven protocol is in place because the very private funding sources that you will never reach on your own demand professional representation that they approve.  Our protocol is also administered in a way to expose any individuals or groups who are unethical, cannot follow directions or are not solvent.  If you can follow the Global Star Capital protocol, we will succeed in gaining the recognition your project deserves.

A face to face meeting is required between you (or your team) and our Founder Mr. Cocovich. Mr. Cocovich is the top intermediary and consultant in the private funding industry. World Governments down to individuals have all retained his services. At the meeting, Mr. Cocovich begins constructing the overall game plan. This is done in a highly professionally manner and once completed, your project is then presented to facilitators of many high net worth individuals, trusts and private banks.  Attracting the needed attention for funding on your project is the final goal.  You are educated fully as to why this is critical to your success at the face to face meeting.  The high end professional game plan step plus a top-notched professional reputation is what separates Global Star Capital and Mr. Cocovich from the novice entities and unethical people inside the project funding world.  Mr. Cocovich is in place for a reason.  We are in business to present solvent projects and their principals to the decision making entities with whom we work with everyday.

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