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Frequently Asked Questions

Global Star Capital has prepared a list of FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS. This section is highly informative and key toward moving forward with your project. We have a strict and transparent protocol based on decades of performance servicing clients in over 100 countries. 

How long has Global Star Capital been in business? (click to expand)|| close

The Global Star family of companies has been in business since 1991. Please view the COMPANY HISTORY section of the web site for explanation.

Is Global Star Capital Dun and Bradstreet Rated? (click to expand) || close

Yes, we are covered by our parent company rating for Dun and Bradstreet DUNS: 147151315.

Please explain the project funding protocol to me (click to expand):|| close

Global Star Capital bridges the gap between solvent entities looking for project funding and/or equity partners and debt lending entities in the commercial or intellectual property arena. We are hired intermediary consultants and perform accordingly. We work with projects and individuals worldwide. The services for our clients in attracting a funding source avenue through their facilitators have been perfected over the course of many years. An entity who can physically fund a project with their own capital or a "pooling" of capital within their organization relies on facilitators, and those entities rely on us to bring solvent projects to their system. These sources include private individuals, private trusts, equity groups etc.

Global Star Capital consults the client (i.e. you) first, then deals directly with private appointed individuals or companies that facilitate for sources--people who are also in place for a reason. This means that we are not "brokers". We are high end intermediary consultant professionals and paid accordingly. We are engaged by principals to bring solvent projects to the lending sources through their appointed facilitator in order for profits to be made by investing. We have a unique situation that allows us to construct a game plan for our clients based on the parameters directed to us by the appointed facilitators of funding sources. There is no entity that is representing you (or trying to represent you) that is in our position.

It is CRITICAL that you understand hard work is the main factor in obtaining the proper attention for the funding of your project.  Mr. Cocovich becomes part of your entire team and represents you to the decision making facilitators who will green light a project. You will obviously go through the funding source's due diligence and then closing.

Will there be references given during the process by the sources? (click to expand)|| close

Yes. After you are given green lights by the private sources through their facilitators, which only are administered by following our protocol perfectly and fully, references are given by the private sources and their head underwriters. All Global Star Capital clients have signed NDA's with their sources and/or their facilitators which prohibit them from speaking with any entity at any stage unless the source gives consent.  Consent will only happen if you are placed into the hands of the source. This is private funding and the operative word is "private".  Private people do not want to be bothered by just anyone searching for capital. They have an army of professionals that sit in front of their family members, assets and investment capital. Systems and protocols in place to make sure that the projects they fund are worthy enough for their money and investment--he or she who has cash is the king or queen. Global Star Capital is proud to be an important part of this process and has been for decades.

Does Global Star Capital ask for any equity in projects? (click to expand)|| close

Typically the answer is no, our company does not because private funding sources (other than our own money) frown upon pieces of equity divided up before a project appears on their table. Sometimes our clients are so impressed by our services that they will offer us a percentage stake as a kind gesture or to make the deal work. We have received equity stakes of anywhere from 1% to 10% (outside of funding projects ourselves) from these kind gestures and appreciate them immensely.Typically the answer is no, our company does not because private funding sources (other than our own money) frown upon pieces of equity divided up before a project appears on their table. Sometimes our clients are so impressed by our services that they will offer us a percentage stake as a kind gesture or to make the deal work. We have received equity stakes of anywhere from 1% to 10% (outside of funding projects ourselves) from these kind gestures and appreciate them immensely.

I have more than one other partner and we equally make decisions, will you work with us? (click to expand)|| close

Yes. However, we have found that 99% of the time when there are multiple partners that make "equal" decisions, a deal will never close due to the egos and internal fighting of the principals. We always encourage that a sole principal be named for leading a group. If you follow our lead, we will be sure to make this all smooth for you. Please read the above over and over because if you have more than one decision maker, this is vital.

I am a "Broker", Intermediary, CPA or Attorney who has a hard time getting a deal closed. How do I submit a project into Global Star Capital in order for your Founder Rich Cocovich to work with my client directly? (click to expand)|| close

You must be fully screened and approved to submit projects into Global Star Capital. You must visit the INTERMEDIARY/BROKER section to get started.  Please do not submit a project without being fully screened. Please do not waste time testing our system because you will fail.

Furthermore, also realize that our founder, Mr. Cocovich, has been highly successful as an entrepreneur, consultant and C.E.O. since 1991. He will not waste time with pushy or novice people who have their own philosophies (which are obviously not working) as they continue to search for capital.  In addition, it baffles us when we see individuals posing as "brokers" who are not actually licensed to use that title. Your clients and all solvent principals deserve the proper representation. Therefore, we have taken the time to create a screening process for protection of all parties. If you are serious and want to succeed, you will follow through on the mandatory requirements and the process in the Intermediary/Broker section. 

***A special note to project principals---We created the screening process to expose the unethical, novice or fly by night individuals that feast on unsuspecting principals. In addition, this screening process allows us to qualify the individual representing the principal previous to the project. We demand to know if the representing individual is actually ethical. We have seen it all--anywhere from stay at home moms who say they are "money brokers" and can acquire "letters of intent in two days" to workers at your favorite coffee house who pose as intermediaries or money brokers on their breaks. We have also seen these types of entities try and steal our consulting philosophies. All of these entities fail because they cannot deliver for their clients. They also do not have two decades plus worth of experience and a crystal clear track record such as Mr. Cocovich. When novices are feeding their babies or serving coffee while speaking with you, Mr. Cocovich is meeting with clients who have the desire, vision and ability to engage him in order to achieve their goals.***

I have been in contact with less than desirable brokers, people claiming they will provide a funding source and bogus companies claiming they are funding sources.  Is Global Star Capital just another one of these companies? (click to expand)|| close

Absolutely not. We are completely transparent and you will make decisions in your process that are based on perfectly explained steps and goals. We have different avenues to fit your project requirements. If we cannot provide an avenue toward the funding of your project after reviewing your documents thoroughly, we will inform you before offering full services. Note that all private funding there are required, mandatory steps.  In our protocol, the steps are the vital link to achieving your goals.  Remember, our founder is the top intermediary consultant in our industry. He or she is not broker.

I have read blogs, chat reports, chat room conversations about paying fees and how all fees are bogus. Can you explain your views on fees? (click to expand)|| close

First, high end professionals such as Mr. Cocovich perform services that obtain results. If you believe funding will occur without a high end service and a thorough game plan plus want everything in life for free, you should quit searching for capital immediately.

Second, never believe what you have read on internet and social media/ chat sites in terms of the private funding world, especially from people who simply have an objective to negatively critique, defame, slander or create libelous statements due to their own lack of financial stability or jealousy.

Third, anyone who critiques our protocol without being a client, which means making it through our entire process, is living in the minor leagues of our industry. There are only a few people privy to the protocol that have not been clients of ours. We are in high demand because solvent people who understand that true professionals are paid accordingly hire us on to obtain results.

Fourth, in any loan or process, there are fees involved. In any contract there are fees involved. Our job at Global Star Capital is to minimize those fees for our clients and provide them with a reputable avenue to fund their project--one who gives green lights through our hard work. We are professionals in the same category as corporate attorneys or certified public accountants. Our clients understand the value of the services we provide.

Never let the chance of your project being funded become ruined by our nominal consulting fee. If you cannot afford our  fee then you should not be looking for funding. In today's markets, a make or break on funding a project should not be because of unwillingness to pay standard--and in our case nominal--fees that all lenders and professionals require.

I have a hired person on my team who advises me that "Death and Taxes" are the only things guaranteed in life. They have always found a way to advise me "no" when dealing with people. What are your views on this topic? (click to expand)|| close

If you are paying anyone to give you advice that "Death and Taxes" are the only guarantees in life, you are wasting money. For the most part, we have never met an advisor or attorney that could actually fund a deal themselves. That should sum up our views of the topic.

Why do I have to provide a multitude of documentation on my project? (click to expand) || close 

It is required by the decision making facilitators who control private funding to have all of the proper documentation in order. We want to be able to present your project in the right way to the companies or individuals who facilitate for the sources. The sources require all of the documentation we ask for in their stages. Our philosophy is to gather the documentation in the early stages in order to show that you are serious. By doing a thorough job, we lessen the time frame it will take going toward funding and show our full value to our clients. Those who are lazy on their documentation fail. Those who are cheap and want everything in life for free or "wrapped into funding" fail. Those who follow our protocol succeed in having their project entertained by the avenues responsible for  investment capital. However, if you do not have a business plan, yet have thorough expertise in the project you want/need funding for, we will work with you in helping you create the documents.

I belong to a couple of large social networking sites on line where I can shop my project to "brokers". What do you think about those services? (click to expand) || close 

We literally think that you are wasting your time.  We have never  met a "broker" or intermediary who has come from the large social networking sites that knew the project funding sector correctly or could service a client to the final goal. Our screened and approved "brokers" will save you from the unethical entities on these sites.  In fact, we created our screening program because of all the novice people that fester on the social media web sites and give terrible advice to unsuspecting people with great projects.  Our company owner has for decades been the top intermediary consultant in the world for private project funding and has worked in every sector.  Therefore, over the years we have seen and heard it all.

Do you service single residential home projects? (click to expand) || close 

No. We handle commercial and intellectual property projects only.

Are you affiliated with Globalstar Capital Corp.? (click to expand) || close 

No. Globalstar (all one word) Capital Corp. is part of the telecommunications giant Globalstar and located in Milpitas, CA USA. We have no affiliation with Globalstar Telecommunications or their subsidiaries.

We hope the above has helped you. The Protocol is etched in stone.

If you want results and top of the line service, please begin at the PROJECT APPLICATION SCREEN if you are a project principal. If you are a "broker" that has not been screened as of this reading, please begin at the BROKER APPLICATION SECTION.

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